So that’s clear. Well, fairly clear, anyway.

Well, in spite of its best efforts to the contrary, we suppose that this sign in front of Camberley’s level crossing is clear enough?



5 thoughts on “So that’s clear. Well, fairly clear, anyway.

  1. If you are on the lookout for unclear signage / road markings, then I highly recommend the Eye takes a trip to Park Street. If you go to the pavement on the corner by Premier Inn, you will see the most peculiar markings on the pavement. I think we may be the first council in the world to install “Sliding Tile Puzzle” cycle lane markings.

    • Steve, I know it well! I posted a photo soon after it was done. Of course, it shows the limits of our county councillors – how could they allow such a thing to be unrectified for years??

      • The county councillors are not all bad though; at least they don’t charge for the off road thrill driving experience of the unsurfaced section of the A30 near aforementioned puzzle. With the “Guess the number of boredom related suicides” attraction by those pointless traffic lights, they are well on their way to creating a little theme park. Faulton Towers? Camberley World of Misadventures? Thorpe Park Street?

  2. It’s not in Camberley, but “Camberley Lc” is from the same school that decided the digital signs on the M25 which appeared a little while ago and announce “Fleet MSA 14 miles” are easy to understand. I had to stop and think what MSA meant, which caused havoc since I was in the fast lane at the time…

    • Oh, don’t get me started! So many signs make me mad… Including those signs that start with the unimportant information – something like ‘In order that grass cutting can take place without endangering the work-force, this road will be closed on……’ And by the time you’ve read all the preamble, you’ve passed the sign, and you’ve no idea when the road will be closed. All that matters is ‘This road will be closed on…’ Grrr.

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