Strippers out in force in Pembroke Broadway

Yes, it’s true!

‘Soft-stripping’ – the removal of fixtures and fittings from the former Holiday Autos building has started.  Our spies tell us that this will take about four weeks, after which demolition will start in earnest.  Apparently, construction of the new care home on the site is scheduled to start in September.

One of the first indications that something was happening was the removal of the Holiday Autos sign on the front boundary wall of the building.  How many people remember that Systems Designers used to occupy the building? – not us, that’s for sure.




6 thoughts on “Strippers out in force in Pembroke Broadway

  1. I can remember before it was built one of the new buildingd there was occupied by Doulton Bourne the builders suppliers who were originally in the High St when I arrived in Camberley in 1967.
    John White.

      • I’m as certain as I can be that, Doulton, Bournes & Doulton used to trade from the building that is now The Surrey Arms .. .. Yates’s before the great fire …
        I worked there as a young lad after leaving school.
        If I remember correctly, D,B & D were taken over by MLM group shortly before they moved to Pembroke Broadway.

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