Pipers Court and Pilgrims Well

We’ve never managed to fathom which of these buildings on the A30 towards the Meadows is Pipers Court, and which is Pilgrims Well (perhaps it’s not as simple as that).

Pipers Court


Anyway, we’ve failed abysmally to report the conversion of what were once offices into flats.  From memory, it’s been a bit of a chequered history.  As we recall, some years ago the owner applied to convert the buildings to flats.  The application was rejected.  Subsequently, the owner applied for, and was granted, permission for a change of use.  The approved use was for commercial purposes – estate agents, solicitors and so on.  More recently still, a planning application was finally approved permitting conversion into flats.  Which is what, we believe, is now well-advanced.  Phew!





2 thoughts on “Pipers Court and Pilgrims Well

  1. Apparently Pilgrims Well is called that because there was actually a well there, and travellers and pilgrims would stop at it, it was also known as the Healing Well.

    • Do you know exactly where the well is/was, Steve? It would be ‘nice’ if it was underneath the sculpture in the courtyard, but I was told once that it was some distance away.

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