WHY won’t the borough council do the obvious thing?

Yesterday, we wrote an item about the sign on the approach to Camberley’s Atrium.  We said that it had the potential to show how many empty spaces there were in the car park.  Up until very recently, the Atrium has had to rely on signs like this one:

P1110947bBut, albeit years after it was first installed, the approach sign to the Atrium car park now gives drivers the information that they need.  As long as they know that there is a reasonable number of empty spaces, there’s no need to ‘panic’ and hold up drivers behind them while they wait for a parking space to clear.


But what information does our borough council in its wisdom, with its state-of-the-art system for taking money from drivers, provide?  Simple.  A sign saying ‘Space’.  How helpful.  No wonder queues build up at busy times.

We’ve been pointing this out for years, because the same thing applied to the previous Main Square parking system.  Does the council have its head in a paper bag?



2 thoughts on “WHY won’t the borough council do the obvious thing?

  1. I have no idea why the council refuses to help the local ripped off motorists when it would appear to be so easy. We have to pay for the privilege of spending our money in the shops! And it’s money for old rope: broken lighting, queues to park, queues to pay, queues to get out, disclaimers that absolve the greedy car park owners from any responsibility to keep our cars secure and stairwells that smell of p**s. Our council would much rather punish us (for the heinous act of driving) than help us. In their eyes, we are fat stupid cash cows to be sucked dry by exorbitant parking fees, hidden parking notices (on the A30) and ever more speed cameras (that’s what the “smart motorway” really means) than anywhere else on the planet. We should consider boycotting all the car parks until the council gave us some value for the money we give them for a zero-value service.

    • Of course, the motorway isn’t the responsibility of either of our councils. But in other respects they do seem to have a happy knack of upsetting motorists – and cyclists.

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