Things we didn’t know we didn’t know

THIS ITEM WAS ACTUALLY WRITTEN IN JANUARY, BUT IT WAS NEVER POSTED AT THE TIME.  There’ll be a follow-up item tomorrow, highlighting the technological inefficiency (we nearly wrote ‘incompetence’) of the borough council.

For YEARS we’ve been pointing out that it would be useful if signs on the approach to Main Square car park stated how many spaces were available.  The ridiculous signs that we used to have – and which were repeated in the new parking system – that say ‘SPACE’ are, well, a waste of space.

Anyway, we’ve ‘always’ known that one of the signs on the approach to the Atrium car park has provision for showing the state of the car park.  You can see the ‘window’ in the sign quite clearly.  (There’s also an empty window for Main Square car park.


But the system is more complete than we’d realised.  For much of the time, it’s pretty much unnoticeable because of the tree behind the sign, but we’ve now spotted an aerial pointing back towards the Atrium.  We wonder what more is necessary to commission the whole system.  It would be good to show the borough council the wonders of technology!


(We doubt that this item is going to excite many readers.  But WE’RE interested in it!!)


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