Don’t knock it. Oh, too late!

This ‘No loading’ sign met with a nasty accident the other day.P1110991

However, congratulations to the county council (we don’t often say that) for getting it removed so quickly.  We’ll watch to see how long it takes to replace it.


But, a question.  The yellow paint markings on the kerb – the parallel lines at right-angles to the roadway – mean ‘No loading at any time’.  So why is a sign needed as well?  Yes, it’s a legal requirement, but isn’t this a case of the law being an ass.  More street clutter for no purpose?


4 thoughts on “Don’t knock it. Oh, too late!

  1. I doubt he council collected it – I expect someone took it for scrap metal ! If you leave metal on your drive it’s gone in a few hours.

    • Reminds me about the advice to anyone who loses the ‘key’ to undo their car’s locking wheel bolts. Just drive to Salford – I think it was Salford – and leave it in the street overnight. The wheels will have been removed by the morning….

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