Do Camberley’s county councillors visit Camberley – II

It’s only a few days since we last asked whether our county councillors visit Camberley.  That was in connection with traffic entering Park Street.  But today it’s about streetlamps – one streetlamp in particular.  That’s the one outside Pizza Express.  It’s illuminated continuously.  We commented about it on Jan 7th this year, and said that it have been alight for months.  We also said that we felt guilty that we hadn’t reported it earlier – but we did then report it promptly.  In fact, someone had already said that it was faulty.P1110101

Now it wouldn’t make financial or environmental sense to send out a maintenance team to attend immediately to a single faulty lamp-post.  But surely there must have been an opportunity to do something about this one in the last six months?  Yet again, does anyone care?



4 thoughts on “Do Camberley’s county councillors visit Camberley – II

  1. Suggest we send M Gove & his cronies a link to this they be interested in applying for these type of maintainance jobs after early May!

  2. Not only do all the County Councillors live in Surrey Heath,but this one has lived here since 1968 and was even here in 1954-5.! Skanska Laing,our lighting contractor,will have known about this fault as the lamp standards are all radio controlled from their depot in Merrow.Nevertheless I will chase them up.You could also have reported this on the Surrey County Council net.

    • David, believe me, I did report the fault on the county counci’s website. I don’t just moan, I take action . Which is more than the council did. In fact, I’ve just checked the council’s website, and it appears to show an outstanding fault with this lamp since April 2014. Maybe the website isn’t working – maybe it hasn’t actually worked for months. I had problems with it when I reported the fault back in January – see And, sorry, but if Skanska is automatically informed about faults, is it acceptable that it’s not repaired this one for about six months? I’d be interested in the answer.

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