Do Camberley’s county councillors visit Camberley?

Anyone who stands at the top of Park Street will very quickly notice one thing.  That’s the number of vehicles that turn into the road from the A30 and then drive back out again because it’s not a through road for general traffic.

The other day I stood there and took the following photo.  (It’s not a very good picture, but I wasn’t after artistic merit.  It’s just that several cars were driving into Park Street at the time.  Note the black car on the left. I thought there was  fair chance that I’d see it again…)


And, yes, it was only a matter of seconds before I took this second photo.  There’s the black car driving out again.


This happens so often that a helpful council would put up signs to tell drivers that it’s not a through road.  Of course, our local councillors might alert the council to the problem too…

(We’d put this information on Cllr Chapman’s blog.  But the blog won’t allow the Eye to enter comments – we’ve tried for months – although others can.  We wonder why – is someone frightened of the Eye???)



8 thoughts on “Do Camberley’s county councillors visit Camberley?

  1. If I ever park down the a30 slip road, I make my way to this service area so that I can turn around and then make my way up the a30 in the opposite direction! There’ll be a lot of cars you’ve seen turning in here just to do exactly the same, I’d bet!

  2. Of course the authorities are frightened of the Eye. No local government likes criticism, even when it’s constructive – how dare the electorate point out shortcomings?….but you can bet your life they all read every one of your postings!

  3. I think some people use it to turn around if they have come out of the A30 service road and want to head East along the A30.

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