Town centre parking – pay for what you use.

It’s frustrating to park in a car park for just a few minutes and have to pay for an hour or two.  Technology makes it perfectly possible to have a more flexible scheme.


Leamington Spa manages it.  But our local council is unlikely to try it.  The council doesn’t try anything.  At least, it doesn’t have the courage to try pedestrianising the High Street simply as an experiment.


9 thoughts on “Town centre parking – pay for what you use.

  1. This would be easy to do. I live in Camberley but I don’t ever shop in Camberley. The parking charges put me right off. Pedestrianising the High Street would put me off even more to be honest and make life even more awkward for access for a short visit to the town. There are plenty of better organised town centres to visit locally in any case.

    • Pedestrianising the High Street wouldn’t be all good news. But when on a Saturday I watch cars drive up it (which can take quite a while) fail to find a parking spot, and U-turn via Knoll Road to try again, the process seems pretty daft.

  2. Sadly SHBC does have an acute condition called Vehicular Parking Blindness.

    Camberley as the Borough Centre is a prime example.

    is served by a train station without suitable or cost effective car parking
    a train service side-lined by interests of those living in elsewhere (Reading)
    Camberley Town Centre apartments approved without resident car spaces.
    a confused High Street plan that must never have option II. Pedestrian only

    You would have thought that the commercial interests of the Atrium and Mall would have provided the cure to SHBC VPB. Provide more free parking to attract visitors to our Town.

  3. Let’s hope the real Camberley people vote with their pen in May & get some forward thinking people who recognise we need change!

      • I dont think theres much change to be honest. Apart from Scotland snubbing the UK with a big one finger, I think the general election did very little for the countries involved. I also think the local elections did very little for the locals in Surrey Heath. Shame really but that is the way it is round this way – people would blindly vote for a monkey if it wore a blue rosette.

      • Not quite so. One or two wards would have more sense than to elect anything than wore a blue rosette, unless it had earned the votes. But, otherwise, I suspect you’re right!

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