Norwich House yesterday, Ashwood House today

Yesterday, we commented on the recent plans to convert Norwich House into flats.

In that item, we included a link to an item that we wrote last December about both Norwich House and  Ashwood House (the large office block opposite the station).   If you had the energy to follow that link, you will have seen that there was opposition to the council ‘classifying’ either property as a commercial building.  You might wonder what the more-recent Ashwood House position is.  We wonder too.


As far as we can tell, the borough council is intending to spend about £8 million in acquiring and refurbishing the building, creating fifty flats, of which twenty would be social housing.  In addition. it will provide “3,800 metres of refurbished retail space”.  (Someone should tell the council the difference between ‘metres’ and ‘square metres’.)  The completion date is unclear to us.  On the one hand, the council says “The aim is to complete in 2016”  On the other hand, the project cost seems to be spread over the intervening period until 2020.  It’s probably unfair to record that the council has also written “refurbishment could take place 2014-2015”.  That was an early estimate, so slippage is forgiveable.


2 thoughts on “Norwich House yesterday, Ashwood House today

  1. Is the Ashwood house designated social housing. ?.We at St George’s court, across from Norwich have received letters. I cannot see how another 100 people in this area can be accommodated by existing infrastructure – sewerage, roads, parking. Over and above the noise levels at night time from high street is not been properly addressed by council.

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