Norwich House: flats replacing offices….

Back in December 2013, we pointed out that – in our understanding – the owners of Norwich House, which is the office block at the top of Knoll Road, had objected to the building being ‘classified’ as a place of employment.  (


The world moves on.  A planning application has, indeed, just been submitted “for the conversion of existing B1 Offices to form 16 one bedroom units and 37 two bedroom units.”  Moreover, the application states that, under the General Permitted Development Order, “in determining the application, the local planning authority can only consider the highway, flooding and contamination issues in respect of the change of use”.

The application  records that there are sixty three parking places on the site, which means that there will be one space per flat, with ten spaces for visitors.  There are also forty six cycle spaces.  This, the application deems to be sufficient.


2 thoughts on “Norwich House: flats replacing offices….

  1. Thought for the day. Camberley Town residents.

    Consider Norwich House 50+ homes, plus 50 more in two smaller developments next door.
    They will introduce 150+ extra “active bathrooms” serving >300 new residents.

    Have SHBC planners done their sums/considered the impact on Knoll Road extra traffic ?!
    Perhaps 200 private cars to park above ground, with even greater flow below 😷

    • To be fair to SHBC, this is still at the application stage. It’ll be a while before the council (and it’ll be the county council in this case, I think) comes to a conclusion re traffic.

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