Will new flats in the centre of Camberley have their own parking spaces?

Recently there’s been some discussion on this blog about whether or not new residences in central Camberley will have their own parking spaces.  By coincidence, a somewhat related issue arises in a new planning application affecting the rear of 65 Park Street.

We recently featured changes visible from the front of this building – the white former house in this photo:


The new application proposes extending the building to the rear.  “The proposal creates a 3 storey flat roofed extension to the rear of the existing building to house 2No one bedroom apartments, 1No new two bedroom apartment and 1No extension of existing one bedroom flat into two bedroom apartment.”

The application continues: “The existing parking arrangements are very tight and can only fit one or two cars parked on site with careful organization. The existing spaces are to be removed to make way for the proposed new development.  The site is well located for public transport links, a public multistory car park is located opposite the site.  An area for bicycle storage has been allocated on the ground floor of the proposed development to encourage green forms of transport.

It will be interesting to see whether the local planners are concerned by the proposed lack of parking spaces, or whether they support it.



4 thoughts on “Will new flats in the centre of Camberley have their own parking spaces?

  1. I really think Camberley planning is a mess. You shouldn’t have flats in the middle there. The downstairs could make a nice boutique shop, in a great location. Keep the flats above ground floor.

  2. Let me guess. They will support this development with no provision of parking spaces. They can then flog on-street parking permits to residents and rake in fines when unsuspecting locals inadvertently use them.

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