Camberley town centre masterplan and ‘community garden mess-up’

We’ve previously commented on the consultation supplementary planning document that was released at the end of last year.


The borough council executive will be considering whether or not to approve this document at its meeting tonight.  Almost certainly, the document will be passed.

We’ve been told that at the same meeting the issue of the apparent ‘community garden mess-up’ will also be raised. At the least, it seems like a serious case of mis-communication.


4 thoughts on “Camberley town centre masterplan and ‘community garden mess-up’

    • Oh yes, the supplementary planning document was approved. It was never in doubt. Much more in doubt is whether the council will deliver what it ‘promises’. I have a copy of the Local Plan 2000, and quite a lot of that hasn’t been done yet.

  1. 2018 seems like a tight deadline, lets hope they make it. Camberley will be amazing, if they can ensure traffic flow as well.

    • I sat and listened to the ‘Examination in Public’ of the Area Action Plan over a year ago. Then it was said that 2018 was achievable ‘with a following wind’. I rather got the impression that a following wind wasn’t guaranteed….

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