And the council wants to increase the use of Camberley car parks…

A recent borough council “milestone” is to “Increase car parks occupancy levels in line with Town Centre growth.”

Now it’s not clear whether this means to provide more car parking, or to increase the use of existing car parks, as the town grows.  If the former, we wonder about what we think is the council’s policy, namely that new housing in the town centre should NOT have its own car parking.   If the latter, we come back to the age old chestnut of improving access to the existing car parks.  In particular, Main Square multi-storey car park.

We’ve grown weary of suggesting ways of speeding access to Main Square car park in busy times.  So we regard any apparent objective to increase occupancy levels as mere words, and not a genuine intent.




4 thoughts on “And the council wants to increase the use of Camberley car parks…

    • No, i’ve never seen the information in print. It’s hearsay from a reasonably reliable source – but it might be wrong. Hence, I wrote ‘what we think is the council policy’.

      • Not too sure if you are correct on residential parking. We have one parking space per flat in the Atrium, and have a yearly permit to park our other car in the main-square multi storey.

        All I do know is that I find it terribly frustrating to come back to park in my permit space to see que’s into the multi storey like the picture above, as well as cars parked in the deignated parking permit area, without a permit.

        For a yearly fee of £1000 I don’t need to be coming home to park in my permit space to find shoppers during the weekend parked in my designated space.

      • It’s not a ditch I want to die in. And maybe it’ll depend on circumstances. Eg it’s always been said the the redeveloped London Road Block will incorporate a multi-storey car park. But planning permission for the Atrium was granted something like a decade ago. i’m not sure that it’s much of a precedent for developments that haven’t yet been defined. (The queues at the entrance to Main Square car park are so frustrating. I have copies of a newspaper article quoting council ‘officials’ as saying that the entrance barriers caused the problem. I had to take a load of photos one subsequent Saturday afternoon to prove that this wasn’t the case.)

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