What does ‘Up to every ten minutes’ mean?

Some buses serving Camberley are carrying the slogan “up to every 10 minutes”.  Now, when shops have a sale, they often have big posters in the window saying something like ‘up to 70% off’.  Which any sensible shopper knows, means that virtually all the reductions are less than 70%.  By analogy, a bus service that is ‘up to every 10 minutes’, is one which runs virtually all the time at less than ten minute intervals.  But this probably isn’t what the slogan is intended to imply!

P1110730 P1110728


2 thoughts on “What does ‘Up to every ten minutes’ mean?

  1. If you live in King’s Ride or College Ride, you will realise the number 1 bus does run every 10 minutes- but, of course, sometimes two come together – and numbers of punters on each bus??? something I do not want to go into as I patiently wait for the driver to weave in and out all the parked cars with a virtually empty bus.

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