Duke of York and Yorktown House

We haven’t shown a photo showing progress at the Duke of York site for a little while.  So here are two, both taken recently at the top of the Frimley Road.  The completed block of flats is obvious;  it’s a bit more difficult to see the two further blocks still under construction a little way down the Frimley Road.



The ‘Co-op’ on the other side of the Frimley Road has done a better job of mixing dark cladding with multi-coloured bricks in the Eye’s opinion.  The new flats are a bit unimaginative.


9 thoughts on “Duke of York and Yorktown House

  1. Why do the Council accept such a bland design, surely it could have been much better considering its important position. The one on the corner of Sullivan Road is described by the developer as an iconic design, we wait with bated breath!!!
    Ken Clarke.

    • Of course, Ken, in the case of the Duke of York development, the borough council turned the plans down. It was the Planning Inspectorate that give the go-ahead after the developer appealed.

  2. Just wait until what you hear the developer has decided to call the completed block…. Belgravia Mansions. Delusions of grandeur much? Surely Duke of York House would have been a little nod to the history of the site? If you live in Kensingston then no-one would bat an eyelid at Belgravia Mansion, but this is a block of flats on the corner of the A30 a good mile from the town centre. Comical.

    • Given what you say, perhaps it’s surprising that the name isn’t ‘Buckingham Palace’. (But elsewhere I’ve seen the new block given a different name – can’t remember what, but it didn’t convey any meaning or any historical reference.)

      • Viridium was the original name, but I can confirm that the postal address is Belgravia Mansions, and it has been given a road name of Frimley Road, and not London Road, where it would have had the numbers 371-375.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Duke of York Court or similar would have ensured the name is not forgotten. As you say, comical, but I would comment rather sad, that our history and heritage is being consigned to the scrap heap, without many people caring at all.

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