Inevitably, the clock is wrong….

We’ve undoubtedly bored readers rigid in the past with our obsession about the council’s clock on the side of Camberley’s Main Square car park.  It was wrong for a year or more – we forget exactly how long – and the council simply claimed that it was irreparable.  (Actually, to start with, the council denied that the clock was its responsibility.)  Then, miraculously, it was put right.

At least, it was right until Summer Time was introduced last weekend.  But it was an hour and a half slow yesterday when we took this photo at 11:30am.


Here we go again?



2 thoughts on “Inevitably, the clock is wrong….

  1. “Ladies & Gentlemen …..Welcome to Camberley – Surrey Heath’s Flagship …. please put your watches back 25 years, 1 hour & 30 mins … “

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