Park Street roundabout being repaired – AGAIN

We’d draw a comparison with the non-stop task of painting the Forth Bridge – only, with new paint technology, that job doesn’t have to be done so often now.  However, repairing damage to the roundabout at the junction with Southwell Park Road and Park Street does seem to be an almost continuous task.  It’s what was happening a week or so ago.


Is it beyond the wit of man – or woman – to come up with a better-designed roundabout?


7 thoughts on “Park Street roundabout being repaired – AGAIN

  1. The roundabout is just a symptom of poor traffic flow. Unfortunately Camberley has such a small town centre, sandwiched between the A30 on one side and the railway line on the other that there is no realistic way to avoid tight turns such as that at the bottom of Park Street (and the bottom of Knoll Road as well).

    • Partly true, Alex. But in 2000 the council published plans to improve the Knoll Road roundabout – never implemented, of course. Also, Pembroke Broadway is a dual carriageway, and the Holiday Autos building is due to be demolished, so there is/was potential to enlarge the Park St roundabout.

  2. It’s simply replace the Flint blocks with rubber old car tyres re cycled if you want to be environmentally friendly.

    • A suggestion to put to the county council. I’m not sure how to do this – but I’ll find out (though, judging from the speed with which the county council hasn’t repaired the permanently-on lamp-post outside Pizza Express, hell will have frozen over before it does anything…

  3. I regularly see lorries coming in from the east past the station, and then doing 360 degree turns at that roundabout, which can’t do it any good. They then head back in the opposite direction to deliver their wares to which ever shop they are visiting (you’ve posted pictures of the Halfords lorry in the past). If there was an easy way to tell drivers not to turn left into Knoll Road, but instead to keep going a little further along the A30 and then turn left into Lower Charles Street, they would then then go straight across the roundabout without tearing it to shreds. Perhaps the council could invest in a sign on the A30 to that effect…

  4. They did dig down much deeper this time and put in some concrete under the blocks, this is a first, the last 3 or 4 times they have simply and ineffectively mortared them back in place (lasts about 4-6 weeks) Perhaps they have finally listened to my emails.

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