Expanded car parking at Frimley Park Hospital

It’s about time we reported Frimley Park Hospital’s plans to extend its car parking.  The planning application – which was published a couple of weeks ago – states:  “Reconfiguration of existing car park and erection of extension to the existing decked car park to provide 273 visitor car parking facilities and 6 disabled parking spaces; a net increase of 121 spaces”

The extension is can be seen in the drawing below – it’s the westerly car park shown with lamp-posts on the top deck.

Frimley park hospital car park

As we understand it, Frimley Park already has about the average number of parking spaces for a hospital of its size.  The problem is that Surrey Heath residents have lots of cars and they expect to be able to use them!!



15 thoughts on “Expanded car parking at Frimley Park Hospital

  1. ….. and it will still be a nightmare getting in and out, dont understand why it isnt effectively changed to a gyratory system – utilising that ‘new’ road ….

  2. Believe the ‘new’ road is a good thing as ambulances and staff can get into the hospital without having to queue. Extra parking would be good but that is not the whole problem. The road system is the problem because the roads cannot cope with the amount of people generally using them – not just the hospital goers but the school trips to which people could mainly walk etc.
    I think it is a good move to be doing something to the Portsmouth Road – which seems apparent being that all the road work signs are telling us of 10 weeks chaos to come. Hopefully the council have thought about it wisely and are going to build a new ‘in’ lane from the Frimley roundabout (which should be controlled by traffic lights) right up to the hospital entrance. This lane would be only for the hospital and there would need to be good signage and merging from the roundabout. Using the land on the left hand side and moving the traffic lights and signs back onto the existing piece of grass would be the most sensible option in my opinion.

  3. Average number of car parking spaces for a hospital of its size?? Sorry, I can’t believe it. Only the other day I heard of a lady well into her seventies who, when visiting her very sick husband at Frimley Park, gave up trying to hunt for a parking space and walked two miles (one way). Also let’s not forget that Frimley Park Hospital serves a much wider area than Surrey Heath…..

    • It’s what I’ve heard FPH CEO say, Helen, and I’ve no grounds for arguing. (I’m not trying to minimise the problems, of course. I’ve been stuck in the traffic queues in the vicinity of the hospital several times this week.)

  4. Does it really matter if it has “the average number of parking spaces for a hospital of its size.” It’s obviously not enough. There were long queues this afternoon at 1.45pm, just like most afternoons.

    • Yes, Steve, it does matter. The FPH CEO makes it clear that the more he spends on car parking, the less he has available to spend on health care. Obviously it’s a complex picture, but if only more of us used the buses (what buses) or cycled (probably being killed on the way to the hospital) there’d be less demand for parking.

    • I doubt that the demand for hospital services will drop, So either some services have to be located elsewhere, or some form of ‘park and ride’ will have to be introduced, or the chaos just gets worse. There’s no way that roads can be expanded sufficiently to satisfy demand.

  5. Suggestion. This is as Public Realm issue.
    SCC and SHBC should take the lead, and (they) fund direct M3 to FP hospital access.

    The motorway is directly behind the hospital. Create junction 4H !
    Considerable brown waste land at the rear. Think outside the box.

    Mr. Gove. An open request please… Take the lead here.
    Support your largest and most successfull A&E.


  6. Take a look at an aeriel photo of the land behind the Hospital – presumably unuseable due to restricted access from the front area ….. Mike’s idea is viable ….

  7. Great idea about the M3 access. Also the park and ride would be a good one – especially during the road works and for extra busy times of the day. There are lots of places to park which a mini bus service could pick and drop to. Sullivan Road car park is barely used. There is a huge car park at the environment agency building which seems to be unused now. The White Hart in Frimley is empty most of the time – as is the Ship over the bridge. There must be lots more around the area.

    • I suspect that access from the M3 might prove to be too difficult/costly. Especially now the work to convert it to a smart motorway is underway; no doubt this would have to be modified…..

  8. Mr. Gove.
    Whilst there are active roads-works on the motorway right behind FPH, perhaps it is the best time, and cost effective, to cut/create 4H access curves.

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