Three little letters make all the difference

For a while, we’ve thought that the former Bensons for Beds shop in Camberley’s High Street has been sold.  (We watch it with interest because we’re under the impression that, though the ‘For Sale’ board said that the premises had planning permission for redevelopment, the permission had actually expired.)


Anyway, we’ve looked more closely.  There are three letters that we hadn’t noticed before on the large ‘Sold’ posters in the window.  ‘stc’ – Subject to Contract.

P1110771 P1110769Which, as we all know, means that the building probably hadn’t been sold when the posters were installed.  Maybe it STILL hasn’t been sold.  In which case it will be in good company – the most northerly shop on the east side of the High Street (is that no. 1?) has had notices on it saying that it has been let, ‘subject to contract’, for months and months.


2 thoughts on “Three little letters make all the difference

  1. Sir,

    The reason for this sad state of affairs is ‘planning blight’! The council have taken far too long to finalise the plans for the High St AND act! No wonder businesses are unwilling to ‘commit’. The will not if the Council will not!

    Ian McLaughlin 10 St Georges Crt

    • A good point, Ian. Although the power of the council to DO anything is limited in practice, in the last decade it’s done virtually nothing as far as the High Street is concerned (and perhaps I’m being generous in saying even that).

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