A well and truly flattened bollard

We’ve tried to work out how this bollard met its fate at the end of The Avenue.  It looks as if someone was pretty much out of control travelling west along the A30.

P1110747 P1110746

We trust that no-one was hurt.  But the poor old taxpayer is likely to have to pick up the bill for repairing the bollard.


2 thoughts on “A well and truly flattened bollard

  1. I think it was when a skip was being delivered/collected between the two pillars in the background when refurb work was going on in the flats. Skip drivers seem to have a total disregard for property – one left a massive hole in my drive when I had one delivered at home and the skip company told me I had to sue the driver not the skip company and I had no idea who the driver or the vehicle was and they wouldn’t tell me. What a scam. The council wouldn’t pursue compensation either for the same reason. You’d have to get a photo of the vehicle and registration and go to court to claim.

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