Maxwell Aylwin – a mystery

Can anyone tell us what happened to Maxwell Aylwin – the jewellers/goldsmith/silversmith at the bottom of Camberley’s High Street?  It seemed to close rather abruptly a little while ago.

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95 thoughts on “Maxwell Aylwin – a mystery

  1. It was a lovely place, I hope it hasn’t closed. I had a beautiful ring designed there, and a lovely job the chap did too.

  2. Indeed. They did two excellent repairs for me at reasonable cost. However what I really notice in your top photo is the really ugly banner above the restaurant. It’s this kind of thing that makes the High Street look tatty.

    • Of course, Helen, the power of the council is limited. But it could at least provide some leadership. (And it’s a shame that Collectively Camberley doesn’t seem to push for improvements very much either. )

  3. There was a letter in the window a few weeks ago, saying that the owner was ill and had had to close the business, but that his wife was trying to sort out the loose ends and deal with any enquiries. I see that’s now gone but I guess so has the shop.

  4. Hi There was a message in the window saying the shop was closed, if I remember correctly, due to the owner’s ill health.

    Liz Sawyer

    P.s. I do like your updates

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  5. On a similar subject, the Post Office in Victoria Road closed abruptly just before Christmas and hasn’t opened since (as far as I know). Does anybody know why?

  6. I gather it was due to the owners ill health and his wife was trying to sort out finances and trying to trace the owners of items left for ? Repair. A few weeks ago a notice was on the door of the shop

  7. This may have happened once before when the business was on A30!! The phoenix rose again but maybe not this time!!! Anne

    • We don’t have any valuables left with them, but we are owed a pair of wedding rings which we paid for up front (at his stipulation). We are also owed a repair on my engagement ring one of the diamonds has shered and he promised to repair it at his cost) but we’d also like to discuss with him why my white gold engagement ring is now yellow, despite it being sold to us as 18ct white gold.

      • Hi Kirsty,
        Maxwell Aylwyn have a solid gold bracelet of mine which they were going to rework for me. I guess if the company is in administration the chances of being reunited with it are slim. Does anyone know if an Administrator has been appointed?

      • This story has been running for a long time now, Anne. If you agree, I’ll pass your contact details on to others in the same situation. Let me know.

      • Anne, if you will let the editor of the Camberley Eye have your email address, I will email you as much as information as I can.

      • The important thing is to let me know, Anne, whether you AGREE to my passing on your contact details. Otherwise I won’t! (I think I did reply to this effect when you sent your comment.)

  8. It certainly is. There are seemingly a number of us making no progress in recovering our valuables and no sign of any action from the business.

  9. I’m trying to get two sapphires replaced in my engagement ring which were damaged when they made the ring. Was assured they would be replaced. Does anyone have any contact info I can use? Tried the normal email, phone number.

      • Sadly my recent experience with Maxwell Alwyn – I still am no nearer getting my jewellery back, with ……………. – would recommend that you make thorough checks on the business background to ensure that your much loved items, let alone valuable, are in safe hands. It’s amazing what you might find out after the event…

      • Have you actually had a response from them at all? We’ve received nothing back from them. What I can’t understand is that if Peter has been unwell then why they wouldn’t have dealt with all the outstanding orders already. They don’t actually have any jewellery of ours but they have two stones which they were supposed to be replacing in my ring. It was damaged when they set it. Thank goodness I hadn’t taken the ring in to be fixed! They have always been pleasure as a business to deal with in the past so I am really shocked and surprised by their current behaviour.

      • It’s extremely frustrating and upsetting. We have been in touch with …….. who kept repeating the same story about getting jewellery back to people, which we know she has been doing, saying that valuable items are being held at an offsite secure location… However, it seems that any stones they are holding are not being released, with no explanation of their intentions, talk of ‘officials’ taking over but no action. We are several months into this now and ……… There’s a lot on the internet about Receivers being appointed in the past and a bankruptcy notice in The Gazette – see Camberley Eye response above. Seem to point to the same business.

      • We’ve been emailing them for some time as well. We only found out that they had shut the shop when my husband went into Camberley to find out what is going on. We’ve had no response from anyone. Tried several different avenues. The stones are ours. They are marked as ours. They produced a ring which they have agreed to fix so we should at the very very least receive the stones back. It’s quite clear that ………… I am incredibly disappointed and upset. Had several items made by Peter and he has always been wonderful. Was not expecting him to act like this. When we didn’t hear from him, we just assumed he was very busy. We had no idea what had actually happen.

      • Mary/Carly, I try to be careful to avoid ‘personal’ comments and criticisms in the Eye. It’s all too easy to say something unwise. I’ve decided to delete parts of your correspondence; nothing that was seriously off the rails, but some marginally questionable wording. I hope you understand.

  10. Dear Editor. I fully understand your point. I am still am keen to hear from anyone who is similarly concerned about outstanding items left with Maxwell Alwyn before the shop closed.
    Is it possible that you could facilitate that contact offline? It is possible that we could be of assistance to each other.

  11. dear editor – we’ve also had no reply to several phone calls. we paid for a diamond over 1 year ago, and have not been able to get a refund or the diamond. if you get any information about the administators for this company, we’d be very interested to have the details

    • The administrators have not been assigned yet. I went round to the owners home address to speak to them and was told it was all in the hands of the admin but they haven’t been assigned. Any outstanding assets have been handed so it’s matter of waiting for the admin to sort everything.

    • Dear Alistair – Peter Maxwell sold a diamond on behalf of my brother in law over a year ago. My brother in law has to date received [deleted by the ‘Eye’ – unable to substantiate what was said]. We have been unable to make contact with Peter. I wonder if this is the diamond you bought?! Do feel free to reply if you find out more! KH Marriott

  12. It is very strange, and worrying, that administrators have not yet been appointed. It doesn’t add up? The bailiffs moved into the shop 5 months ago.

  13. I see the lady who has taken over the site, also as a jeweller, opens on May 30. I’m guessing her early customers may be to ask questions about her predecessor.

  14. I have been buying from Peter for the past 5 years and have found him to be a genuine and honest man. I used to pay in 22K gold and cash but was…[text removed by the ‘Eye’ – but the following wording isn’t affected] I have been phoning their home number for months now and got no response. I had felt bad to upset them during this difficult time but now believe that in the absence of any communication must do something about it. I would like to hear from anyone who is taking this matter further or has had any recent correspondence with the administrators.

    • I have been collecting data and taking some legal advice but now keen to move forward. The longer this goes on, the less likely we are to get a positive result. See my message on this blog 9th May when I stated that I was interested in being in contact with others in a similar situation. Maxwell Alwyn was the trading name, the company is Ziebenoph Ltd, company no. 3262545. It’s listed as having applied to cease trading. The advise that I have gained is that the administrators, whenever they are appointed, will have no interest in customer owned property, only those assets that belong the business. There is no good reason for our property being withheld. I will be pleased to work with others in getting a resolution and The Camberley Eye can put us in touch, if you so wish.

      • Dear Mary – we too would be keen to see action and some resolution. See our post of 4 Jun re diamond sold on behalf of my brother-in-law. We would be very grateful to hear if and when administrators are appointed.

      • Hi. I wonder if it would be beneficial to get together with those who are in a similar position. The total sum of our goods must be very considerable. It would seem that there is a common denominator – diamonds. If these goods are not an asset of the business, i.e. Customer-owned and in for repair, etc., my understanding is that they are not a matter for an administrator, even when one is appointed. The administrator may be concerned only in liquidating assets of the business. We can liaise off-line through

      • If anyone gives me their e-mail address I’ll forward it to anyone else who does the same. (Just add a note that you agree to this, so that there’s no misunderstanding.) Obviously this isn’t an issue where the Eye has any other role to play.

      • Dear Mary, our issue is that they not only owe us money after they failed ……………. and since they ceased trading we have also discovered that my engagement ring is possibly not the 18ct white gold we were told it was, and that instead it may be either 9ct white gold or rhodium plated yellow gold. I have contacted Camberley Eye. I am writing a letter to Maxwell-Aylwin at an address in Church Crookham – I would be grateful if anyone knows any other address we should/could write to also.

      • Hi Kristy. You appear to have the correct address. I hope that others may be interested in getting in touch thriugh The Camberley Eye. There have certainly been a few more people interested in Maxwell Aylwin through The Camberley Eye over the last couple of weeks. Keep the banter going and we will see where we go from here.

      • I’ll put everyone in touch with each other if they give me their contact details. But for obvious reasons I’ll delete any ‘accusations’ from this public blog.

  15. We have discovered from Companies House that Ziebenoph Ltd has applied to be wound up and will be dissolved on 5 Aug 2015. Any property vested in, or held in trust for, the company will become crown property after dissolution. There is therefore a time imperative if anyone is to recover their property. The registered address for the company is
    GU13 0JU
    We have also been informed that this is not a police matter so must be pursued through the civil courts. We have not been able to discover which lawyers are acting on behalf of the company or who the administrators are.

    • I used Peter Maxwel-Aylwin on several occasions as our Jeweler. After having read all the previous messages I was very concerned. I had every order, purchase and repair ever done with him checked by a reputable Jeweler in Ascot. It turns out my …. [details deleted]… and we now don’t know how to get hold of him or get in contact with him. I went by his house in Church Croockham, as I rang the doorbell I think I could hear footsteps but …… I asked around found out; apparently Peter had been in hospital. I called the British Jewelers Association and other industry related organizations, turns out ……. Can anyone please advice on what our next step should be?


      [text edited before this comment was approved.]

  16. I have only just last week learned of the closure of this business. Peter had made several pieces of jewelry for us over the past 4 or five years using gold and stones left to my wife by her now deceased parents. Peter was holding a substantial number of stones and a weight of precious metal that was to be made into an item which was in the ‘design phase’. We would be very keen to know what stage anyone is at with regards recovering any property and am happy to have my e-mail contact details made available to those parties.

  17. My husband and I paid in full for our wedding rings in Nov 2014, around 8 weeks before our wedding the company went into administration – needless to say we didn’t get our wedding rings. Keen to recover the large sum of money we paid we have frequently tried to contact them, today we got a reply which reads…. “The company affairs are being handed over to a chartered practitioner during the course of this month (September) After which you will be contacted by their team.”
    It doesn’t give us much information but at least it feels like things may be moving (trying to remain positive!!) and they have made the effort to reply to us which is promising given their track record. Hope some of you also hear back, would be interested to hear what they say to you.
    Camberley eye – Please pass my email on the three others who have had similar problems.

  18. has anyone heard any further with regards to Maxwell-Aylwin please? I’ve fallen out of the loop of emails as I have taken a sabbatical from work to accompany my husband in Germany, and all emails previously went to my work email address. Would appreciate someone getting in touch!

      • It is all a mystery indeed. The news on the 0.82 ct diamond from my ring which was with Maxwell Aylwin for repair is that “we have not been able to locate it…” despite an extensive search. However, at last week’s meeting of the Company’s creditors held in Church Crookham, Peter stated that he has yet to thoroughly search the bench sweepings and remaining stock, so maybe I will have some good news at the end of this week. At the meeting, one of the creditors showed Peter Maxwell-Aylwin a ring that he had made and which had recently been checked and valued. It was stated that the stone was found to be a moissanite rather than a diamond. Ziebenoph Limited trading as Maxwell Aylwin has been placed into creditors’ voluntary liquidation. If you have work outstanding the insolvency practioner is: Robert Allen, Vantage, 4-6 Dryden Street, London WC2E 9NH, Tel 0333 155 0023. You may be able to obtain the 16-page Report to Creditors.

  19. Very worried. I had family heirloom earrings in for repair. Do to some serious family issues it slipped my mind to pursue this. I had a text from ‘Patsy’ in February – but did not twig for some time it related to my mothers diamond & Sapphire earrings. Has anyone else had luck getting possessions back?

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