High Street parking to be cut by an estimated 30%

You’ll be aware of the recent announcement that parking enforcers must allow a ten minute ‘period of grace’ before imposing parking charges.

Sounds good?  Maybe.

Camberley Short term car park. aka The High Street

Here’s a wet-finger calculation.  Obviously approximate, but still food for thought.

Let’s assume that, where the permitted parking time is 30 minutes, drivers currently return to their cars after 25 minutes, to ensure a 5 minute ‘safety margin’.  Also, in future, they take advantage of the ‘extra’ ten minutes, and return to their cars after 35 minutes.  This means that each parking space will be occupied for 35 minutes rather than 25 minutes, thus reducing the overall parking capacity.  Our calculator tells us that this amounts to a 30% effective reduction in space.

OK, the calculation is only indicative.  But it suggest that trying to find a parking space in Camberley High Street on a Saturday afternoon will become an even more pointless exercise.  Why not close the road and avoid frustration to drivers and pedestrians altogether??  It would be so easy to do.


11 thoughts on “High Street parking to be cut by an estimated 30%

  1. Making the High Street a Pedestrian Precinct on the Weekends, is long overdue. If the council is serious about attracting more shops and shoppers to the town this must be a major facet of the plan

    • Bob, I despair. It’s so obvious. And I carried out a survey of shoppers years ago which showed pedestrianisation would be popular. I sent the findings to the borough council – silence. I chased, but the response I eventually received was pathetic.

  2. It is all so simple!

    1: Pedestrianise the high street from The Goose up to Halifax.

    2: Change the completely wasted, huge service area behind Boots into a 30 minute FREE car park.

    3: Watch as trade increases – guaranteed (as I will return to shopping in town – that is at least a one person increase)

    The INSANE thing is that these measures could be implemented for next to nothing. They already have a barrier by the Goose – so stopping traffic is sorted. The service area would need signs to tell people that you can now park there each day for 30 mins.

    Even if they did a trial with temporary signage…

    • Steve, you’re so right. But the borough council doesn’t have the courage to even attempt a trial. It would rather spend twenty years gradually acquiring property behind the High Street in order to build a new service road for the few shops that don’t have rear access. Those shops are holding back the improvement of Camberley for years. (Or, more accurately, the council’s failure to find compromise solutions is holding back the improvement.)

      • I have lived in Camberley for about 15 years now. Whilst the Atrium is excellent, it has taken a long time for the retails units to fill up. I think there is now just one empty (the cool curved one at the end which I’d like to see become a Five Guys). Part of the reason for the slow uptake is that the Atrium is on the quieter side of town in terms of actual shopping. In the time I have lived here, there has been little change in the MALL (except removing the two mezzanine cafe areas and redeveloping the old Virgin Megastore into TK Maxx. The High Street has seen no (positive) change whatsoever! With such a monumental redevelopment of Bracknell well under way, and if Farnborough ever gets finished, Camberley has two very real contenders for it’s crown of “small town to pop into when you can’t be bothered to drive to Reading, Basingstoke or Guildford”.

      • Steve, the Mall seems to keep most of its retail units full, except in the quieter parts. So in that respect it’s doing OK. But outside, there’s lots of empty space – the ground floors of the Premier Inn and the Travelodge, for a start. And the High Street isn’t doing so well, even in the middle – two empty former Santander units prove the point. There’s a limit to what the council can do, of course. It’s largely dependent on commercial companies to provide the hard cash. But the council seems afraid to even try those things that are within its grasp – improving the High Street environment by pedestrianising it at peak times, in particular.
        I’m not sure whether you’d include Woking with Basingstoke and Guildford, but it, too, is spending mega bucks on upgrading. Poor Camberley doesn’t stand a chance. The council, instead of weakly saying that Camberley is going to be just another top 100 town, should be seeking a near-unique niche for it that enables it to thrive.

    • Helene, on a Saturday afternoon the High Street is jammed with cars fruitlessly looking for parking spaces. You can see them entering near the station, and crawling up ’till they abandon hope, turn right into St George’s Road, and going round in a loop to try again. There are so many empty spaces in the service areas on a Saturday afternoon that none of this makes sense.

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