A cunning Fleet plot

Fleet seems to be trying to give the impression that Camberley authorities don’t care about the town.  P1110656

P1110655Why else would it have left a banner advertising a Christmas pantomime on the railings in front of OUR station?  And did it have permission to install the banner in the first place?  And why are we allowing other towns to advertise their panto here – did Camberley theatre advertise its pantomime in Fleet?  And why hasn’t ‘Fleet Panto’ been asked, formally, to remove the banner?



5 thoughts on “A cunning Fleet plot

  1. And I’ve been passed it so many times but never noticed it (but then my eyes are on the road!)- so not such a good place to put it for extra audience!
    Who will be brave enough to take it down????

    • Oh, it’s undoubtedly damage to property to take action personally. But the borough council simply has to send a letter to the owner (might take a phone call to Hart council to find out who this is), saying it will be removed at the owner’s expense if it’s still there in eg two weeks’ time. But it’s not like SHBC to take firm action on such matters…..

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