Whatever happened to ‘short-stay’ parking?

We suspect that short stay car parking on the ground floor of Camberley’s Main Square car park hasn’t existed for a year or more.  But perhaps no-one told whoever it was who produced the relatively new signs.

P1110663 P1110658You can see in one of the above photos that the sign mounted on the side wall has had ‘short stay’ obliterated by striped tape.  Presumably the other sign above the entrance is too difficult to reach for the same thing to be done to it.  Does it matter?  It’s best to ignore some of the car park signs anyway.


4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to ‘short-stay’ parking?

  1. Well spotted. See my earlier post. Why should they bother.
    Camberley have a three lane short term car park.. used to be be called the High Street.

  2. “Short stay” refers to the height of the vehicles which can use the car park, that’s why there is a big green arrow pointing to the Max Height information. It’s been obliterated on the other sign because the information was too low for somebody 6’7″ to see it…

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