St George’s House – are we having a senior moment?

We didn’t take a photograph at the time, but we thought a little while ago that the scaffolding on the roof of St George’s House had been removed.  But, there’s certainly scaffolding there now.  Were we mistaken?



6 thoughts on “St George’s House – are we having a senior moment?

  1. Certainly a senior moment!! The scaffolding has been there since September …. you may just not see it anymore. Repairs are continuing!

    I think the residents/owners would prefer if you called us ‘St Georges Court’.


    Ian McLaughlin, 10 St Georges Court.

    • Thanks for the information. Overlooking my senior moment, I had wondered why such major work was being carried out on what is, in effect, an almost new building.
      (Fortunately, not quite as bad a problem as experienced by Elmhurst Court, when its roof blew off! Somewhere I have photos of chunks of the roof lying on the ground.)

  2. Having looked at them when first constructed it appeared the workmanship & design was of an inferior quality.

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