The borough council is determined to kill us

We recently featured the BACK of a fire door in Main Square car park and asked whether people would run towards it in the event of an emergency.

Of course they would, but they wouldn’t be able to open it.  It doesn’t have a door handle and it’s actually an emergency exit for people in The Mall.

Anyway, we’re featuring it here again because we’ve noticed that it’s coming off its hinges. It’s hard to photograph, but you can just about see in one of the photos below the sides of the four screws that are supposed to fix the top hinge.

P1110735 P1110734

If you’ve had anything to do with fire-resistant doors, which this one probably is, you’ll know that they are HEAVY.  Very heavy. That’s why this door has four hinges.  If the door comes adrift and lands on a young child, they’ll be seriously injured – or worse.

Are we over-reacting?  All we can say is that we sneakily intended to walk through the door the other day.  But we noticed the hinge and decided to go the long way round instead.

If anyone in the council reads this, please take action.


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