Pavement parking – it seems to be legal..

Our namesake, David, has provided us with this photo that he took in Murrells Lane, just off the Frimley Road.  He commented “You try and get a pushchair between this ‘designated parking  space’ and the lamp-post.”

Murrells Lane2

We’ve never seen a parking space quite like this one.  And for ‘normal’ pavements, there is a minimum width requirement of 1.2m, to enable push-chairs, buggies, and so-on, to pass safely.  But maybe Murrells Lane has a different status – it’s an ‘old’ road.  And when the road is narrow, without much traffic, maybe a compromise makes sense.


11 thoughts on “Pavement parking – it seems to be legal..

  1. Why buy a house that doesn’t have a parking space and then demand one be taken from the pavement? Surely if you want a parking space you should buy a house with one. If you buy a house with one driveway parking space and your family has 3 cars can you ask for extra spaces be made on the pavement outside ? This is a worrying precedent.

  2. Parking on the pavement seems to have become the “norm”, often to the detriment of grass verges.Whether or not it is legal, it is not considerate when push chairs, disabled person wheelchairs etc. cannot get past without going into the road. It seems that whether for temporary or overnight parking, many drivers consider it acceptable and the authorities are content to let it happen even if it causes an obstruction or damages the verge.

  3. It annoys me the fact that it seems acceptable that car drivers treat pavements , verges and cycle paths ideal places to park in . I recently signed an online petition from the Guide Dogs For The Blind asking for it to be made illegal to park on pavements especially when they train guide dogs …you can’t expect a blind person having to walk in the road to pass an inconsiderate driver ! I had a verbal fight with a driver recently due to the unfortunate fact that my wife is having to use crutches to walk after a back op ……we both made a rather loud comment which the driver heard but he was’nt bothered at all ( we just got a mouthful of expletives ) .

    • I feel much the same about inconsiderate retailers who obstruct the pavement with large ‘A’ boards. These aren’t much a problem for most people, but it must be different for visually-disabled folk.

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