Camberley – a town of full employment?

The Eye has just looked on the ‘vacancies’ section of Collectively Camberley’s website.  34 vacancies in the town centre.  No wonder some retailers are also advertising vacancies in their shop windows.



6 thoughts on “Camberley – a town of full employment?

  1. We’ve always found that recruitment takes a surprisingly long time. Here’s a tip for anybody looking: punctuality, politeness, and a modicum of common sense count for an awful lot when job hunting. Punctuality and politeness need no explanation. However, to expand on the common sense point; before phoning or emailing about a job, read the advert so that you know roughtly what the job is, and where it is. When we place an ad, we often calls asking what we do and where we are based, This is despite the fact that all this information is on the advert they must have read in order to get our contact details.

    I’m not saying don’t ask any questions. Just read the advert first!

    I think its important that all the people moaning about immigration should ask themselves who will be doing all these jobs, without the help of immigrants. We are an aging population after all.

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