That was Yorktown House, that was!

Months ago we used to publish regular photographs of the demolition of The Duke of York and of Yorktown House (at the top of the Frimley Road and at the intersection with the A30).

It’s about time we provided an update.  Not that it’s an exciting prospect at the present time.  We just hope the end-result won’t dominate the Frimley Road too much.


Above – the view from the Frimley Road.  Below – the rear of the new flats.



8 thoughts on “That was Yorktown House, that was!

  1. Surely this when finished has got to be better than the mess that was previously there? It was an empty office block for 2 or 3 years and then a partially demolished office block with most of the windows put out for another year. After that is was further demolished but only slightly more – I assume to make it safe as things like windows were blowing out of it onto the street.
    I believe the finished buildings will be pretty much the same size, shape (and prices) of the apartments that have already been built on the site at the A30 end. I actually stopped and looked round the show flat for the block at the top of the Frimley Road and whilst nice enough places, the relatively pokey size and traffic clogged A30 outlook certainly did not merit the £250 – £300 (plus more than £100+/month management fee!).
    I was also told that the 3 completely out of place tiny terraced properties that straddle a very small area of land between the two identical sets of flats will be demolished and then rebuilt (free of charge we assume) for the current owners (by the constructors) in the style of the two large complexes next to them.

    • It IS a mess, Steve. But the council has limited powers unless it’s prepared to use compulsory purchase, which is a courageous use of tax payers’ money. Of course, everyone is hoping that The Mall will regenerate the London Road Block before too long.

  2. When you see the photos on the estate agent’s website of the flats there, showing sun-drenched balconies overlooking St Michael’s, with a nice bottle of wine on the table and a comfortable chair to relax in, you can imagine sitting out on your balcony, enjoying the sunset after a hard day’s work. The gulf between the photo and the reality, of being suffocated by fumes and deafened by noise from the traffic on the A30, is quite comical. I wouldn’t live there unless I was really down on my luck…

    • What, are you suggesting that estate agents can sometimes present reality through rose-coloured spectacles? Whatever next.
      Of course, one of the three blocks of flats will be social housing. Maybe some of the residents there really will be down on their luck…

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