A boring story. (Sigh. The old jokes aren’t always the best…)

A pile-boring machine appeared a few days ago on the edge of the M3 in Camberley.  Whether it’s just ‘parked’ there, whether it’s on the site of a future overhead gantry, or whether there’s some other explanation, we’ll just have to wait and see.  Anyway, this is what it looked like from just the other side of the fence, in Ferniehurst.IMG_0099b IMG_0103b



4 thoughts on “A boring story. (Sigh. The old jokes aren’t always the best…)

  1. Have you noticed the sign by the level crossing, informing us it will be closed on Sunday 28th February? The 28th February is a Saturday. I don’t know who to contact to tell them of this error.

    Penny Skelton

    • Penny, I photographed the sign, but I didn’t spot the error. Normally, road signs are the responsibility of the county council, but I wonder if railway works are different.
      The county council website says that the work will be carried out on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the website isn’t really suitable for reporting this sort of problem – and I suspect that it’s probably too late to get the sign changed anyway. Fortunately, the error probably isn’t going to lead to too many problems.

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