Whitehill Farm is back in the news

Back in April 2012, permission was given to develop the Whitehill Farm site (near the top of King’s Ride, in Camberley).  The planning application was for the “Erection of a 63 bedroom 2 storey residential care home and other associated development including landscaping, parking and access.”

For some reason, the work was never carried out – and the permission expires in a few months’ time.  However, as far as we can tell from a quick assessment, the new application has much in common with the 2012 proposal, being for the “Erection of a two storey 64 bedroom Care Home with parking, access and landscaping.”

Whitehill Farm

(As the application documentation obliquely recognises, the development probably won’t please some local people: “The site has a history of unauthorised access and car parking especially by dog walkers using the land without permission. This has potential to impact on the protected habitat zones on and around the site. The new home will negate this by the fact of its development and by the proposed gated entrance. There will be no more car parking opportunities on the site than the home itself requires.”)

As the Eye comments from time to time, restrictions on building family homes in Surrey Heath tends to encourage the construction of care homes instead.  Maybe this is one more example.


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