The wheels grind slow….

Unless we’re mistaken, it was at the 3rd July 2014 meeting of the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee where the decision was made to reverse much of the previous year’s restrictions on parking in the A30 slip road.

So far, however, there’s no obvious change.  Penalty notices are still being issued, and there’s been no alteration in the parking signage along that stretch of road.

Here’s a photo taken there only yesterday.



5 thoughts on “The wheels grind slow….

  1. They are obviously very reluctant to give up this easy income. The town centre is most unattractive if you need to park a car, which is why I stay away these days.

  2. I agree, and thankful we are only a 10-minute walk away from town centre. I have never known a council try so hard to turn drivers away from Camberley centre….Atrium excepted, though presumably that is privately owned and operated. The sad despondent queues of fok in Mall waiting to wrestle with the few complicated machines -when they’re all working of course – makes me wonder why they bother!

    • Technically, David, you’re describing TWO councils, of course. The regulations for that bit of the service road are the responsibility of the county council, and Main Square car park is run by the borough council. Separate entities (and sometimes it seems as if they never talk to each other)

      • You are right about this of course but neither SCC nor SHBC seem capable of understanding the short-sightedness of their policies which do nothing but harm to Camberley town centre.

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