Signs, good and bad.

Dealing with the bad, first.  Mike has sent us this evidence of an apparent lack of interest in Camberley by the authorities that ‘serve’ it.

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Mike writes:

“There has been much criticism of the Borough Council about its apparent inability to manage signs but this one on the A30 by St Michael’s as you head towards the town is huge.  What really disappoints me is that there must be a hundred council workers that work in Camberley that pass it every morning and none of them have reported it as if they don’t care about the community they’re paid to support or the reputation of the business they work for. “

“It must be someone’s job in the council to erect signs who should then also put a note in their diary to take it down if its a temporary one.  That person is either lazy or incompetent.”

“It’s no wonder that successful private businesses run so much more efficiently than those paid for by our taxes as there is appears to be no responsibility within the public sector as if their employment there is a right and protected so they do not need to do a good job.  Imagine what the place would look like if no temporary signs were ever taken down.”

We rather suspect that it’s the county rather than the borough council that is responsible for this particular sign.  (If you’re interested, have a look HERE.)  But surely ‘someone’ in the borough council should care enough to contact SCC and get something done?


And, now for the good signs.  The Eye’s man-flu is abating!  He’s spent far more hours in bed than anywhere else in the last few days, but with luck he’ll be on the road shortly.  Many thanks to those of you who wished me well – including Ken who suggested that flu is age-related.  Thanks, Ken!


8 thoughts on “Signs, good and bad.

    • Indeed, I took the photo at 1115 on 9th Feb as I passed by and I saw the sign being taken down at about 1245 as I passed back later.

      • That’s just typical. But thanks for sending me the item – anything (within reason) is better than nothing, and, sadly, there are lots of residents who don’t seem to care that much about the town. It’s not all the ‘fault’ of our councils.

    • Many thanks, Surrey Heath, for the info and your concern for my battle with the flu demons. They’re losing – fighting as they go.
      It was a week ago when Mike sent me the photo so he’s beyond reproach. But someone in SCC must have sixth sense, and they took action before I did. I must do better next time….

  1. Thanks for link. Just reported to SCC that the no right turn sign is missing from its post on the corner of Victoria Avenue and the A30, causing queues as cars try to turn right.

    • Interesting, Denise. I guess it’s not intentional. Indeed, in my infectious (not in a nice way) state recently, I think I read that turning right into Osnabrugh Hill is going go be banned. Sounds like a hairy manoeuvre at the best of times.

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