The exception that (doesn’t) prove the rule

For quite a while we’ve been intending to ask whether anyone has ever seen a car parked in the ‘Permit-only’ bays in the entrance to the service area opposite Camberley’s Post Office.  But, blow me, we’ve actually seen one!  However, just after we’d taken this photo, the car drove off – the driver had just been waiting for someone to return after completing a transaction in the Post Office.  We strongly suspect that no permit was involved throughout!


The reason for asking, isn’t of course, idle curiosity.  It’s because, if no-one uses these parking spaces, the council can’t be earning any money from the sale of permits.  In which case, the space would more usefully employed as, say, 30 minute parking for the public.  If the council applied a modest parking fee, it could benefit too.  Or are we missing something?


5 thoughts on “The exception that (doesn’t) prove the rule

  1. Perhaps ask the Council if they have issued permits for these bays? If, as you say, they are seldom if ever used then what is the point?

  2. Could also apply to local roads with Residents Permit Parking only. Most of the time the spaces are empty. For example Middle Gordon Road and Portesbery Road.

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