Borough council nil, county council nil – or the ‘Eye’ nil?

Yes, we know that roads and pavements are generally the responsibility of the county council.  But this apparent nonsense is within sight of the borough council’s offices, so you might have expected the borough council to get on the phone or send an e-mail….


What are we on about?  Well, if you were a cyclist pedalling south down this cycle lane beside Knoll Road and you reached the blue sign in our photos, what would you conclude?

Three possibilities occur to us:  One, that the cycle lane continues the other side of Knoll Walk – but there are no cycle lane makings there.  Another, that the cycle lane turns down Knoll Walk itself.  But, again, there are no further markings.  Or, thirdly, simply that the sign has been twisted on its post, and it’s intended for cyclists pedalling TOWARDS the camera.  This seems the most obvious explanation – except the sign tells cyclists to keep left, whereas any cyclist pedalling towards the camera would have to keep to their right.


Are there any other explanations – other than neither council is on the ball?  Let us know, and the ‘Eye’ will eat humble pie if we’re missing the obvious – and legitimate – explanation.


12 thoughts on “Borough council nil, county council nil – or the ‘Eye’ nil?

    • Ian, you’ve put your finger on it precisely. The ‘Eye’ doesn’t set out to criticise the borough or county council. But it’s OUR money they’re spending, and residents should insist that it’s spent efficiently.

      • The thing is, it’s actually the wrong sign altogether in that situation. If the intention is to indicate that the pavement ahead is segregated: pedestrians separated from cyclists, as indicated on the road markings, the sign should be a blue circle with a vertical line separating a cycle from a couple of pedestrians. The sign that’s there is usually used to show the carriageway ahead is segregated. – eg a bus/cycle/taxi lane ahead

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