Camberley’s Mall. Is there a gap under the doors?

We are somewhat puzzled by the apparent mis-match between the closing hours of The Mall and those of Sainsbury’s inside it.  The only conclusion we can come to is that, after The Mall closes at 5:30pm on weekdays, it’s possible to slide through a gap underneath the entrance doors to visit Sainsbury’s.  But we’re not sure whether it’s feasible to leave with a loaf of bread and a pint of milk the same way!


P1110577 P1110576b

Or have we missed something??


15 thoughts on “Camberley’s Mall. Is there a gap under the doors?

  1. I think that was why I was excited by what I thought were similar closing times for the wonderful new sushi-bento cafe. I still don’t understand the British mentality of closing town centre shops just as customers are leaving their workplaces. If The Mall stayed open til 7-8pm, surely it would make a huge positive difference to retail businesses?

    • I do agree! In Portugal, shopping centres close at least at 11pm, and town centre shops close at least at 7pm. I would really enjoy to have the possibility to visit The Mall after work, not only on Saturdays! That’s why the mess with so many people on Saturdays. They don’t have the possibility to do whatever they want to do after work, during the week, and I’m one of those!

    • You certainly can’t get from the car park into the Mall during the evening, Alice. In fact. at that time, the only available ‘pay machine’ is the one inside the car park proper.

  2. Security is there 24/7 and they often open up when Game has a midnight launch. I guess there must be one set of doors open for Sainsburys.

  3. The rest of the shops in The Mall copen later and close earlier than Sainsburys.
    Hence the difference in times. The Mall does don’t actually get locked until Sainsburys closes.
    There are plenty of shoppers who with in the others stores who come in after they have finished their shifts. And plenty of local residents who walk in.

    Not sure why this is so hard to understand…

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