And the council wants to improve the High Street….

What chance does the council stand of improving Camberley’s High Street when windows in Camberley’s are ‘boarded up’ like this?  Probably none.



What, in reality, can be done about it – and, indeed, about the incredibly tatty former Santander premises next door?  Does the council have the power to bring about improvements?  If not, aspirations to be a Top 100 Town seem utterly daft.  It’s hard to imagine that John Lewis would want to move into the neighbourhood…


11 thoughts on “And the council wants to improve the High Street….

  1. Perhaps not very pretty but massively better visually than large sections of the ultra tired and many empty units in the Aldershot main town shopping centre.

  2. Completely agree with the Eye and I feel certain that John Lewis will never come to Camberley. Has the council any powers to make owners smarten up their premises? Maybe they will answer the question!

    • I suspect ‘powers’ are limited, except in extremis. But it’s a sensible strategy to try to get voluntary action before using ‘force’. I’m not aware of any visible campaign by the councils to encourage retailers/landlords to improve their act. And it’s hard for just one of them to spend money on upgrading their premises – it needs them all to move in the same direction.

  3. I agree , the unsightly building in and behind high street, add to the judgement of Camberley as a town of declining standards. It’s about time the council stop dreaming of a “better place” and correct the current situation

    • Realistically, probably neither boro’ or county council have the power to improve the situation on their own. But that means they should be running high-profile initiatives to persuade landlords/tenants/Collectively Camberley that it’s their long-term interests to improve the town. No amount of planning documents will do this on their own.

  4. It’s all about personal pride,you don’t need lots of money to improve the Building you own or rent the outside generally gives an impression of what is going on inside. Accept Major repairs/ modifications may be difficult but there are numerous simple actions that can be implemented to at least give an aesthetically improved appearance.

    • And it’s so much easier if ALL the retailers acted together. The improvement would be obvious and rewarding to everyone. Waiting for one to act and the rest to follow is waiting for ever. Coordinated action is needed. Who can coordinate? Is there anyone there??

  5. Step 1. Make Camberley High Street and St George’s Rd. Pedestrian Only.
    Please invest/upgrade the public domain to match the West-side.
    Then business interest and investment will arrive. They will come.

    • It’s been obvious for years that that’s the only way to go. Sadly, no-one has actually done anything about it. Where should the lead come from – businesses or the council(s)? The other option is the public, but the public, ie shoppers, is likely to vote with its feet and go elsewhere.

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