Have we mentioned before that the centre of Shrewsbury is traffic-free?


It doesn’t seem to have deterred people from shopping in the town.  WHY does Camberley have to put up with traffic in its High Street?  Can’t the road be closed to vehicles for at least PART of the week?  Couldn’t this be done without any significant cost or delay?


16 thoughts on “Have we mentioned before that the centre of Shrewsbury is traffic-free?

      • Correct !

        And of course its layman Cllrs you are voting for, not the people who run the Council ……

      • Right, Speedicus. But ultimately it’s the councillors who are responsible, I believe. If they sit on their hands and let things slide, they don’t deserve a vote.

      • “ultimately it’s the councillors who are responsible, I believe …”

        Not so, I’ve yet to see a detailed job description and actual responsibilities … certainly dont seem to be accountable …

        Whereas Council Employees have all those things and can be fired ….. it takes a lot to get rid of a Cllr ….

      • Speedicus see http://www.localgov.co.uk/The-role-of-a-local-government-councillor/34999

        “Every service provided by a council is managed in their name. Members of the councils have a complex role and must act in a number of capacities: as committee member, constituency representative and party activist.”

        “Councillors have personal, individual and collective responsibilities for their council’s activities.”

        Responsibility without power would/should be unacceptable to any prospective councillor. It would be to me.

      • …. and the few who use Twitter dont know what their ‘Standards of Performance’ are, nor how they are measured (other than the occasional comment from a senior Politician it seems …)

      • “Good behaviours have to be cascaded down from ‘the top’. ”

        I’m not talking about behaviour – “Standards of Performance & Measurement thereof’ refers to how they perform their roles and how their performance against objectives is measured ….. pretty fundamental stuff … not apparently covered in any job description I’ve seen.

        The link you provided is just a high-level overview of the role.

  1. Only if voters are as apathetic as the council.
    Party voting in local elections has got us nowhere.
    Unfortunately many will not research the candidates and turn up at the polling station and convenience vote.
    No thinking necessary to always vote for party over candidate.

  2. If Camberley is that bad for some people could move,if redevelopment progresses it will improve,reducing parking charges won’t bring in more people we need better shops not Charity, or tacky cloth outlets that last for 3/6 months.

    • Just on your final point, Mike. The borough council doesn’t have a policy of explicitly encouraging tacky shops, of course. And I suspect that landlords would prefer highly profitable tenants who can be relied upon to pay a high rent. So I guess that the tacky shops are just the only option available, other than to leave a shop empty. A pity, but probably the case. The best ‘defence’ against them, surely, is to create an attractive town, to which up-market retailers will want to come.

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