More about Camberley’s regeneration

The future of Camberley is central to the Eye’s interests, so we’ve posted several items about it already.  But for those who didn’t manage to get to either of the borough council’s exhibitions in the town, here are photos of the display boards that were shown in the museum.

Of course, these photos can only give a general impression.  Fortunately, the posters are AVAILABLE ON LINE, courtesy of the council.  (If you look at the one that concentrates on the London Road, it seems to suggest that the Job Centre and neighbouring buildings will remain. Is that the intention?  Unfortunately, we didn’t ask about that when we visited the exhibition.)

If you’ve missed what we’ve written previously, and do want to read it, you’ll find the most significant items HERE and HERE.  It’s the usual story – if you don’t respond to the consultation, you can’t complain if the town doesn’t turn out the way you’d like.


5 thoughts on “More about Camberley’s regeneration

  1. The job center needs to be moved, it will look totally out of place in the new London road block… which Im hoping will have some high quality office space.

  2. Thank you so much for the information about the regeneration of Camberley.
    We would like some short term parking, an hour, as being mature residents we value the opportunity to ‘pop in and out’ on a regular basis. However, the council seems just to be catering for the coffee shoppers !

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