They’re probably not building us a new station!

We don’t know what’s going on at the railway station.  We’ll find out as soon as we can.  But, sadly, we don’t think it’s the start of a new – and much needed – station.

P1110572 P1110571



8 thoughts on “They’re probably not building us a new station!

  1. It’s worth pointing out how easy it is to take a photo of Camberley station with a train there, since they sit there for around five minutes pass through, meaning that there is a train of one sort or another parked there for up to a third of each hour…

      • My wife travelled to Guildford today from Camberley and regretted it. Station was filthy, train was filthy, she tried not to sit back against disgusting seat, and no heating in carriage so absolutely freezing. I’m sure service was better in Victorian times! Ticket not checked by guard in either direction. I think they stay away because of the complaints! We are wondering if they are trying to drive people away so they can claim it’s not worth keeping the service going.

    • Agreed. Standing back from the issue, though, there are practical challenges in improving our train service substantially. The same can’t be said about replacing the station building. That could be started ‘tomorrow’.

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