We all know that Byron Hamburgers is coming

It’s old news that Byron Hamburgers will be coming to Camberley – replacing Bar Estilo.  But the reason we’re showing this photo, taken in the Atrium, is to raise again the puzzle that most retailers DON’T advertise the fact that they’re fitting out new premises.  Only at the last moment do they reveal their identity.  We’ve never understood why.  Surely no publicity is bad publicity?


Clearly, Byron shares our view!


8 thoughts on “We all know that Byron Hamburgers is coming

  1. My gourmet friends speak very highly of Byron…there’s one on Kensington High Street don’t you know, so my adversity to burgers may have to be reassessed. Now for Jamie’s Trattoria?!

    • Maybe we’re seeing ‘the future’, Mike. Internet sales, click and collect, and so on must have an impact on traditional shops. So to thrive, town centres will increasingly have to offer those things we CAN’T with a tablet or PC. Nailbars, tattoos, hairdressers, restaurants…..

  2. God do you lot moan. Byron is a really good place. It’s always my eaterie if choice when I go to the O2. I’ll definitely be visiting!! Can’t wait !!

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