How to reduce council tax

The Cambridge Hotel has an ‘in and out’ parking area adjacent to the A30.  These are the paint markings on the pavement by the entrance and exit.

P1110541 P1110540

You’ll see the approach to one crossing point has a cycle, triangle and a broken line painted on it.  The other has ‘nothing’.

Now, if ‘nothing’ is acceptable, all the other markings must be a waste of paint and effort.  So, county council.  Just stop painting and cut our tax bill…   Don’t tell us that the budget is under stress when there are such easy savings to be made.

Of course, there’s another possibility.  The markings ARE necessary, but no-one associated with the council has made sure that the requirements have been met.  It doesn’t take sophisticated equipment – a pair of eyes (actually, one would do) and a walk around the town would be a good start.  So, why have things been left the way that they have?


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