The Cambridge Hotel scores the maximum!

Some restaurants put a little sticker in their window to publicise their hygiene rating.  But Camberley’s Cambridge Hotel thinks big.  A clear boast – and why not? – that it’s been awarded the maximum.


The Cambrldge Hotel is quite a way away from the other restaurants in the town, and there’s little in the way of passing trade.  We’ve not been in it for a long time.  But over the last year or so its certainly become smarter externally, and it’s more tempting to call in for a quick meal.  Has anyone any recent experience of doing this?  (We don’t anticipate any rude comments – and we delete such things on principle.  But helpful views would be welcomed.)


6 thoughts on “The Cambridge Hotel scores the maximum!

  1. Have eaten here was ok for the money, the only thought was obviously the kitchens etc are in better conditions than the internal area of the bar which is v tired & not particular clean looking.

  2. As with all outlets it’s not compulsory to display their scores if you look at the Surrey website many pubs Goose,Surrey Arms,Carpenters are shown as 5 surprisingly Weatherspoon’s is 4 sure not many people look in advance & only comment on service,quality & price.

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