Arena Leisure Centre – the future is bright. But when’s the future?

Arena.  Here are a few quotes from the borough council.  Nine years of analysis – but not a lot to show for it?  Is the recession entirely to blame?


2006 borough council Corporate Plan, key priority: “Develop a replacement strategy for the Arena within the Camberley area by April 2008”.

April 2008: “At a meeting of the council’s executive last month, members considered a report that recommended the funding of a feasibility study into options available to the council for the future use of the civic area east of Knoll Road, in addition to delivering a replacement for the Arena Leisure Centre.”

End 2011: “A taskforce is to be assembled to look at all options for the future of the Arena Leisure Centre when the current contract runs out [in 2016]”

July 2014: “Options for the future of this facility are being investigated with an opportunity to redevelop the site into a state-of-the-art leisure centre, currently being explored.  Surrey Heath Borough Council Executive will consider investment options to refurbish or redevelop the facility.”

Dec 2014 : “Strategic Objective: Renew the leisure centre.”


It’s easy to mock.  But this history really brings into question the council’s ability to plan accurately – or to deliver its plans.  For example, we continue to think the vision announced last year to make Camberley one of the top 100 towns in the UK by 2018, though admirable, is quite unrealistic.

The borough council has just approved a new supplementary planning document for consultation.  This is titled ‘CAMBERLEY TOWN CENTRE, MASTERPLAN AND PUBLIC REALM STRATEGY;  We’ll be looking through it to see if it has its feet on the ground….





6 thoughts on “Arena Leisure Centre – the future is bright. But when’s the future?

  1. We are stuck in a time warp, a council paralysed by indecision waiting for John Lewis to come along and dig them out of a hole.
    In the 80’s there was a trial pedestrianisation of the High Street, are the same councillors still considering the outcome of that? Time for change May 2015!?

    • JL’s biggest growth has been in internet sales, of course. Not sure that Camberley is even on their radar. Some doubt that the London Road Block development will happen either…. We’ve discussed before – is there a Plan B?

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