A VERY unusual tomato plant – and some good news

PLEASE, will someone put us out of our misery and explain what this ‘Tomato Plant’ in Watchmoor Park is all about.

P1030671b P1030672b

And the good news is that there seem to be far fewer ‘To Let’ notices on office buildings in Watchmoor Park than there were several years ago.  Presumably this is a healthy measure of the local economy.


8 thoughts on “A VERY unusual tomato plant – and some good news

  1. From Google:

    Fast and reliable 24/7
    01753 651602
    Welcome to Tomato Plant
    Tomato Plant is a haulage services company specialising in the transport of construction plant, transformers, generators, portable/modular buildings, containers and other bulky or heavy loads. We are available on a 24/7 basis from our main depot in Iver, Buckinghamshire. We operate low loaders up to 80 tonnes (GVW) and and Beaver tail Hiab lorry loaders with 36T/M cranes and drawbar trailers. We can also provide escort vehicles, vans and 4×4 vehicles with trailers for smaller loads.
    Happy New Year

    • Thanks Sue – I despair of my failure to look it up for myself! (I’ve just read an article in a computer magazine about how our brains are shrinking. In particular, we’re losing the ability to retain facts, and things like telephone numbers. We just look them up, or press a shortcut… )

    • I did wonder whether there was some connection with the sewage works…. But my mind took me down the path of remembering that tomato plants used to be common along railway tracks. Perhaps they still are….

    • Guilty secret, Denise. We knew that – but we’d been told somewhat confidentially so couldn’t say. But we did point the camera at the notice in the door/window this morning, and the results should be in the Eye before long.

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