Benson for Beds – a new dawn

We’ve watched the former Benson’s for Beds building in Camberley’s High Street with interest for a while.  Over the months, it’s boasted three different agents’ boards:


A few years ago, planning permission was given to completely re-develop the building.  But we’re pretty sure that this has expired, and certainly it hasn’t been implemented.  So what’s happening to the building we’ll have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Benson for Beds – a new dawn

  1. Do not think that the planning permission has expired …. the did some work to the rear of the property just in time! They pulled down a fence and put footings in for a wall! There have been squatters around at the back and the parking gates are damaged.

    • Thanks Ian. I think the ‘rules’ are that significant work has to be undertaken before the planning permission expires in order for it to remain ‘live’. Pulling a fence down probably wouldn’t qualify, but I guess that footings – if they’re for the building rather than eg just a perimeter wall – probably would.

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