Just4Kids – we’re taking a risk, here

A few weeks ago, we innocently reported ‘old news’ – namely that Just4Kids would be moving from the top of Camberley’s High Street to the A30 service road.  OK, it did turn out that most of the area’s population had known that for months!

We’ve not learned our lesson.  Here is a picture of the new premises, looking near to being up and running.


But we wait in trepidation for scorn and derision to be poured on us from on high….  We’ve not been that way for a little while, and no doubt the shop has actually been back in business for weeks.  Whatever the case, we’re sure that it will continue to be successful and very popular.

ADDENDUM, Jan 24th.  Just4Kids is now fully open in its new premises.


2 thoughts on “Just4Kids – we’re taking a risk, here

  1. Not wanting to spread gossip, but I think you’ll find that another business is moving to one of those shops as well. Great news for an area of the town that needs regeneration

    • Gossip is good! I was under the impression that the taxi firm was moving into the former ‘cash’ shop, but nothing’s happened for months. Almost certainly, planning permission was granted for a change of use, but….

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