Toucan crossing – but wouldn’t a puffin do?

We wouldn’t admit to being one of them, but many drivers apparently don’t know the difference between pelicans, puffins, and toucans.  Pegususes are even more confusing.

To explain.  A while ago we commented that the lights controlling the pedestrian crossing across Knoll Road were being upgraded.  What really puzzles us is not the name of the new lights – they’ve turned the former pelican crossing into a toucan crossing (of course, we all knew that!).  Rather, the puzzle is WHY the ‘repeater’ lights above the main lights are thought to be necessary.

CrossingThe obvious answer is that they’re for cyclists.  But a dismounted cyclist is no taller than a pedestrian.  So why….?


No doubt Camberley isn’t alone in sporting two sets of lights on the one post.  Which doesn’t leave us any more enlightened.  Can someone put us out of our misery!?


4 thoughts on “Toucan crossing – but wouldn’t a puffin do?

  1. I believe this crossing is set up to be friendly to wheelchair users and those a bit slower crossing.
    Hence why the buttons are repeated lower for wheelchair users and the time allowed for pedestrians to cross is extended. It is close to the Ian Goodchild Centre.

    • Now why didn’t I think of the redundancy argument?? (As an aside, the ‘red and green’ stop/go figures are on the same side of the road as the ‘Press’ buttons, whereas they were on the opposite side of the road with the older-style system. I actually find this less helpful – it’s harder to see them when there are lots of people waiting to cross. But if it’s more convenient for visually-handicapped people and so on, I suppose it makes sense.)
      Sadly, I can’t take credit for the snowflakes. They’re an option offered by WordPress at this time of year – all I had to do was tick the ‘yes please’ box. I think they’ll disappear soon.

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