Camberley’s Bar Estilo looks closed

The lights are off, and there’s no furniture visible inside. There’s no notice on the door, though.



6 thoughts on “Camberley’s Bar Estilo looks closed

    • Well, I’m not in a position to tar all the borough council with the same brush…. If you’d said that SOME of its lights are off, fuses blown, bulbs smashed and wiring ripped out, I’d have agreed with you!

  1. Have wondered about this for a while! Lovely inside and have eaten in there.. Nice meal but too expensive for Camberley. Most of the others survive on Tesco deals or other deals online

    • Interesting. There’s a strong rumour that the new tenant will be some sort of burger restaurant, but I’d not heard any mention of GBK before. I did ask at the Atrium’s management office yesterday, but it seems that only security staff were in at the time.
      (I tend to be a bit cautious about rumours. For years there’s been a belief that John Lewis will be coming when the ‘London Road Block’ is eventually redeveloped. Almost certainly, this is no more than guesswork. At least until recently, no ‘anchor store’ had signed on the dotted line.)

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